Introducing the 90-day: Digital Claims Journey Accelerator

Retailers and Neobanks are setting the benchmark for a digital customer experience and today’s consumer expects the same from the insurance industry. To remain relevant, insurers need to be able to react with pace, within 90 days.

As an enabler, Manjit has created six digital claims journey accelerators covering the key areas of:

  • Intelligent Claims Validation – decrease time spent on data collation and processing
  • Intelligent Loss Assessment – streamline your supplier instruction process
  • Intelligent Supply Chain Fulfilment – automate two-way information sharing and tracking
  • Intelligent Suppler Performance Management – better monitor and govern supplier performance, SLA adherence and KPI tracking
  • Intelligent Policyholder Engagement – automate the capture and tracking of supporting information
  • Intelligent Supplier Management – standardise onboarding and compliance activities

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About Manjit

Manjit Rana is highly regarded as an industry thought leader and has a strong understanding of trends, developments and issues in the insurance sector. He is widely considered an expert on technology based innovation in the industry.

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